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October 16, 2018 597
I took a cellphone contact with MTN that stipulated that i will be paying R355 per month for 24 months. The first month they debited R1413.66
I called the customer services they referred me back to the MTN heidelberg mall branch. I called the branch, the teller said the system is off, she'll call me the next day. SHE DIDN'T!

I went to Eyethu mall, to enquire about that debit, they said the system was off. After 2 weeks i went to Heidelberg mall mtn branch, i found the same teller i spoke to on the phone. She said the system was off again, she took my details again and told me she'll call as soon as it's back. I reminded her that she told me the exact same thing on the phone two weeks ago. She said she forgot, but this time she'll call. Once again SHE NEVER CALLED!
At the end of that month, MTN debited R601.18
i sent email to customer services, they told me to send them a copy of my contract. I went back to Heidelberg mall, found the lady who was helping me open the account. I explained to her what happened. She emailed the contract to MTN in my presence, then gave me the hard copy. I took pictures of the contract and also sent it to customer services and explained the lady from the store sent it, i was just sending as back up in case they claim they didn't get it.

At the end of that month again MTN deducted R601.13 at the end of november they deducted R1211.55
I reversed it. And went to heidelberg mall to find out how i can cancel the contract seeing that mtn failed to resolve the matter, the same lady that never calls told me to dial 136. When i tried calling that it didn't have an option to speak to a consultant.

When i final get the number to call to speak to a consultant i find a lady name Luyanda, who tells me they charging me for 'out of data rates', my data is not capped. I'm confused, i tell her i don't know what that is, and nobody told me about it. She tells me "THEY WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO TELL ME"

She says they not even supposed to tell me something i didn't ask. I asked her "how can i ask about something i don't know? I'm confused as it is now because i don't know what you talking about. Every month when their 1GB runs out i buy my own data."
She tells me they charge me for loading that data.
And there's nothing she can do i was supposed to ask for them to keep my data capped when i took the contract.

She then continues to tell me that at the end of this month they are deducting R1800.00

I am so disappointed. More than anything i can't believe such a big company can be such frauds!

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